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Much Ado About Nothing (July & August 2016)

Print Reviews


"Perhaps the most pervasive view of Shakespeare's comedies is that they are hard to follow, too outdated to be funny, and therefore, dry. Well anyone with that view has clearly not seen a Madcap Theatre production of Shakespeare. At Friday night's showing of Much Ado About Nothing the audience at the Old Fire Station, aged 7 to 70, were falling off their chairs with laughter. Make no mistake, this is not because they've doctored the lines or changed the setting: this is Shakespeare as Shakespeare intended. A joyously energetic performance full of rapid-fire wit and slapstick comedy."

Daily Info, Oxford


"MadCap Theatre’s reputation is growing dramatically (excuse the pun) and watching this you can see why. As they have successfully accomplished in previous performances, the way they present Shakespeare’s plays is in a way that makes it effortless to understand and that has led to them being loved equally by fans of The Bard and those who usually shy away from these centuries old classics..."

Droitwich Standard


"I for one was delighted to be there to see this collective kick off their summer tour. Superbly cast and wonderfully delivered, MadCap Theatre Productions are once again delivering here and from start to finish I was absolutely hooked. Much Ado About Nothing is regarded by many as Shakespeare’s best comedy – if not his best, then at least his best known – and the actors involved in this ensured that the comedic elements of the play never fell flat...The whole production was delivered with the ease and confidence of actors who are familiar with each and content in each other’s company, and this shows in their individual deliveries. As for first night nerves, although I’m sure they must have been felt, there were absolutely no signs of them as each cast member took to the stage with ease making for a truly brilliant performance. Another success for MadCap, this is definitely a show worth watching!"

Madhatter Reviews


"A delight to behold... MadCap by name and hilariously so by nature… this is no-holds Bard in all its glorious lunacy... Artistic directors Emma Leigh and Patricia Hobday run a very tight and talented ship.. this was a fabulous way to spend a lazy August afternoon… and may Madcap Theatre Productions be back before too much water has run under Worcester’s Severn Bridge."

Bromsgrove  Advertiser


Audience Comments


" This evening we were treated to your very amusing and well executed performance of Much Ado About Nothing. Your professionalism shone through a very witty but complex script that demanded a great deal of the cast to hold the audience's attention as they sipped wine and ate picnics on the lawn at Greyfriars in Worcester - a fitting venue for this feast of theatrical brilliance. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future. Thanks for a memorable evening!" (Chris, Worcester)


"I just came out of tonight's performance of Much Ado About Nothing with my family. We were hard to miss, as we spent the majority of the performance having the time of our lives, watching what we all agreed was one of the finest shows any of us have seen. We have always adored shakespeare, seen and performed in many. None compared to this. The talent, enthusiasm, professionalism and raw energy of this cast made for a transcendent evening. You have three new fans!" (Connor, Worcester)


"Outstanding play! The cast were amazing and it was a great fun production. Loved it! Hope to see more MadCap productions" (Maggie, Beaconsfield)


"Wonderful performance . Thank you for entertaining three generations .From 55 to 5yrs .My granddaughter especially enjoyed the comedy up ,down ,over & under the stairs by Benedict & Beatrice . A special talent to capture a young child's attention & take them on a magical adventure . She was still giggling on the way home x This was our first time to see Madcap , It won't be our last . Looking forward to your next production" (Maggie, Bromsgrove)


"Just watched an absolutely brilliant production of Much Ado About Nothing! The entire cast were fantastic in this humourous, witty and engaging production. Very entertaining indeed!" (John, Arley)


"Really enjoyed the show. Very funny and very well done. Thanks guys" (Georgina, Tewkesbury)


"Watched Madcap do 'Much Ado' at Mary Ardens Farm tonight .. It was really really good and funny.. The acting was brilliant .. Can't wait for more" (Anne, Stratford-Upon-Avon)

A Midsummer Night's Dream (July & August 2015)

Print Reviews


"Worcestershire’s Madcap Theatre Productions who have taken the Bard’s frolic in the Forest of Arden by the scruff of the ruff and given it a good shake. And this can mean only one thing. There’s never a dull moment… For this helter-skelter ride through the greenwood is a crash, bang and wallop of a show that never for one single moment lets up on the madness and mayhem... A dream of a masterpiece and one that made for a fantastic night of entertainment"

Worcester News


"Undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable open-air Shakespeare events that I have seen... These actors took to their roles with an impressive ease... They delivered with such enthusiasm that at times their lines actually felt impromptu rather than rehearsed... Mad Cap Theatre Productions truly delivered with this. They were funny, they were heartfelt, and they brought out their characters with the ease and professionalism of experienced actors... An all-round success, as far as I’m concerned"

MadHatter Reviews


"If you like Shakespeare, you're sure to enjoy this wonderful production"

Choice Radio, Worcester


"A fantastic bawdy romp... the cast switches clothes, genders and characters at an almost breath-taking pace with clarity of story never getting lost amidst the mayhem... Whilst both lighting and setting is simple yet effective, the costumes by Patricia Hobday are anything but – with a seemingly endless wardrobe adding a glorious cacophony of colour and splendor to every scene... I went home happy to have discovered Madcap –catch them on the remaining dates and venues of this tour if you can and share the magic."

Bromsgrove Standard


"Music, dance and a buzz of fairies! ... The cast is tight, changing costumes, sex and character with dizzying speed ... The show barely pauses for breath; gags come fast and furious"

Daily Info- Oxford


Audience Comments


" This is what theatre should be" (Iain, Stroud)


"An amazing productions" (Catherine, Arley)


"The whole production last night was really slick with a great sense of pace & energy (Still amazed at some of the costume changes). The dynamics between the characters carried the performance making it thoroughly entertaining for all ages. While the whole company performed well, it is Puck & Oberon's relationship that was utterly adorable not to mention the amazing Anna Nicholson who evoked real empathy & was probably the best Helena I've seen! Thanks too to the cast who chatted to my son & his friend after the show...thoroughly lovely bunch!" (Coral-Anne, Bromsgrove)


"Every actor/actress played their part beautifully, with such energy throughout the performance, and everyone suited their roles perfectly. I have never seen a Shakespearean play so wonderfully recreated, using touches of modern comedy to enhance the original script without changing the key fundamentals that make it so wonderful to begin with. I hope the cast enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed watching it" (Shaun, Tewkesbury)


"Have to say I have never enjoyed Shakespeare so much. True to the text but fabulously up to date and easy to follow with modern expression of humour - brilliant." (Suzie, Hereford)


"I have never previously felt so much empathy with the characters, or followed the plot so effortlessly. Your eloquent miming and faultless timing carried us along with you." (Lenneke, Stroud)


"'A treat' of a performance... It was wonderfully acted and slickly executed just captivating." (Alex, Stratford)


Postcards from the Seaside (April & May 2015)

Print Reviews


“★★★★ In the world of touring theatre, there is one thing of which you can be certain. A show by the Mad Cap Theatre Productions team is bound to be full of the kind of vim and vigour which is infectious. The cast and team clearly revel in their work, delivering plays with gusto. That enthusiasm draws the audience in and leaves them totally satisfied.. The current offering – “Postcards from the Seaside” is no exception."

Remote Goat


"A conclusion that was powerful and well-balanced... Above all, I was impressed by the energy of this company"

Bath Chronicle


"Postcards From The Seaside is a splendid mixture of ear-catching show tunes and genuine emotion... This was a simply stunning performance."

MadHatter Reviews


"The songs are catchy and tuneful and the harmonies work well. The solo musician – a keyboard player – evokes the spirit of 1940s and melds the scenes and changeovers in a delightful way. The cast is small but the set pieces are well-choreographed... The boat scene is particularly charming and the choreography is playful... Like the 1940s postcards of the title, this play is an enjoyable piece of nostalgia"

Theatre Bath

Twelfth Night (July & August 2014)

Print Reviews


““★★★★★ A touring production to savour. […] a joyous enthusiasm which lifts the performance of a play you know so well, to another level. […]The whole production and the entire cast shone. At the break, the overheard conversations in the bar where of mild surprise that Shakespeare could be made so understandable, and that those who hadn’t bought tickets were missing a treat. […] Full of joy”

Remote Goat


“The amount of energy displayed on stage, particularly on such a warm night and in such elaborate costume, was incredible. […]Overall this was an amazing performance of an equally amazing show and the cast, after the grande finale song, justifiably received rapturous applause.”

Bromsgrove Standard


 “The elements of comedy, romance, and mistaken identities were communicated perfectly throughout the performance. Leaving no potential joke untold, it quickly became apparent that we were all in for an evening of comedic brilliance. […] Overall, it was a wonderful evening and a wonderful performance”

MadHatter Reviews


"The excellently cast actors delivered their lines with energy and enthusiasm. They were completely in character and clearly had a great time. The sense of fun was infectious![...] The action was made easy to understand, but without compromising the original. They worked with the text rather than against it, used Shakespeare's original jokes to great effect, and made it impossible to miss Shakespeare's innuendos. […] Sometimes with Shakespeare, the language of the play can be a barrier to understanding. However, with this performance, the brilliance of the actors made you appreciate the brilliance of the text.”

Daily Info- Oxford


Audience Comments


"Absolutely fantastic performance best WS ever!" (Elle, Sheffield)


"Funniest and Best Version of the play I have seen" (Yvonne, Stroud)


"MadCap Theatre's Twelfth Night most hilarious play I've seen this year!" (Anna, Oxford)


"T`was a joy and I give you a standing ovation" (Jayne, Stratford)


"Absolutely loved #TwelfthNight @MadCap_Theatre have done a splendid job! Hilarious, energetic and filled with fun! Go see it!" (Lucy, Oxford)


“Brilliant performance of Twelfth Night at the MAC Birmingham tonight. Thank you @MadCap_Theatre” (Mark, Birmingham)


“Fantastic! The energy and professionalism of the whole crew was brilliant to see. I could enthuse for hours... well, actually I have! There were so many witty touches in this production- simply a joy from start to finish.” (Valerie, Arley)


"A thoroughly enjoyable evening at Old Fire Station watching @MadCap_Theatre's version of Twelfth Night. Brilliant physical comedy + zanyness" (Andrew, Oxford)


“Have just returned from @MadCap_Theatre #12night brilliant. Fantastic cast fantastic energy fantastic pace.” (Matthew, Tewkesbury)


“@MadCap_Theatre @RosesTheatre Thank you for a fantastic evening - loved the production!” (Matt, Tewkesbury)


“Thoroughly enjoyable evening of #Shakespeare courtesy of the #talented peeps @MadCap_Theatre Thoroughly recommended!” (Kieron, Birmingham)


Romeo & Juliet (April 2014)

Student and Teacher Reviews


"The quality of the acting was amazing. The children loved the show."

Meadows First School.


"We really enjoyed the performance- it was the best version we have seen (with students) in years [...] The actors were fab and we really liked the modernisation/ costumes etc".

Woodrush High School.


"Despite the limited cast, they managed to pull out all the stops! It was a brilliant performance and some of the scenes were spectacular […] I think Shakespeare would be very proud with the performance that we saw and I recommend it to anyone because it was really, really good."

Student from Woodrush High School.

Lizzy, Darcy and Jane (October & November 2013)

Print Reviews


“★★★★★. Played with confidence, and an engaging verve [...] The abiding impression is of a ‘family of actors’ engaged in joyous activity which we as audience, are privileged to be invited to"

Remote Goat


“A thoroughly entertaining experience [...] Feel-good theatre”

Bromsgrove Standard

The Taming of the Shrew (June, July & August 2013)

Print Reviews






“An impeccable cast”


“Simply breath-taking”


“[An] energetic, and hilarious performance”


“The meaning and underlying emotions of the characters was crystal clear”


“The play was handled with expertise and exuberance”


“An effervescent performance



Little Grimley's Troubles Tripled (March & April 2013)

Print Reviews




“Intimate theatre at its best”


“The audience went away entertained, amused and looking forward to the next production from Madcap Theatre Productions”


“A brilliant cast”


“Impeccable timing and seamless chemistry on stage”


The Tempest (May, June & July 2012)

Print Reviews


“Small, but very talented cast”


“Near faultless performance, with chemistry and impeccable timing”




“Cast did magnificently throughout”


“A production that is well-worth seeing, for both Shakespeare fans and theatre goers who usually shy away from the Bard’s plays”

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